Lizzie’s Lifeline

Natural and man-made disasters can result in power outages that can affect certain vulnerable populations dependent on electrically powered durable medical equipment. By identifying this population we can use the data to help first responders target efforts to those most vulnerable as well as help preparedness planners better estimate the resources needed for an effective response that minimizes the impact of disasters affecting the power supply. Meeting these goals will help state, territorial, and local health departments address the functional needs of this vulnerable population, especially the ability to maintain independence, avoid separation from usual caregivers and support systems, and avoid direction to unnecessarily high levels of care. 

Helpful Hints

  • Post “Oxygen in Use Signs”.
  • Keep a list of all emergency numbers posted.
  • Plan ahead. Call your oxygen provider if low on portable tanks before a predicted weather event.
  • Make a plan for an alternative source of power.
  • Regularly check alternative power equipment to ensure it will work during an emergency.
  • Avoid areas where there are gas leaks or open flames.
  • Always use battery powered flashlights rather than gas lights or candles when oxygen is in use.
  • Sign up for text alerts through OG&E System Watch.
  • Report power outages immediately. Do not assume someone else will call.
  • Use the Garfield County EM App. For helpful information.