About Garfield County Emergency Management

It is the responsibility of Emergency Management to protect and educate our citizens. This is a task that we take very seriously. It is our job to prepare for, respond to, mitigate, and recover from any disaster or incident that may occur within our jurisdiction. Whether it occurs from a natural disaster, a terrorist act, or from any incident, we are here to help restore the quality of life as close as it was before the occurrence.

All emergency services personnel are trained on the concepts of the National Incident Management System, otherwise known as NIMS. We value our ability to respond together and work as one unit no matter how many departments are utilized on the incident.

Each year there are continuing advances being made in our warning capabilities here in Garfield County. With many different systems that are available today, we utilize a few. We start with the Outdoor Warning Sirens; this system is being upgraded to a Voice Communication System. Then we have our new Garfield County EM app. This app has grown very quickly and has been upgraded.

Garfield County Emergency Management, under the leadership of Certified Director Mike Honigsberg, has established a spotter network consisting of “all” emergency services within Garfield County. Our operations center is located at 216 West Oxford in Enid, Oklahoma. All Storm Spotter personnel are trained though the National Weather Service Spotter training program and enhanced training by the Director. The Director has been trained by the NWS and the University of Oklahoma. National Weather Service refresher classes are held each year and all spotters are required to attend.

We are proud to serve our county and our surrounding counties. You won’t see us very often, but know that when severe weather or any type of incident occurs, we will do what’s necessary to help and protect you so you can protect your family.