September 2020


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0340L-MONDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/28/2020 1-ARE YOU PREPARED? You’re not without our GARFIELD COUNTY EM app. Get it today! 2-The cold front came in with the winds and some moisture but overall, we did ok. We had wind gusts from 48 mph at Lahoma to 44mph at Breckinridge. Windy conditions can be expected throughout the day with gusts to just under 30 mph. 3- The next front will impact the area late Wednesday and [...]

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0345L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/27/2020 GARFIELD COUNTY EM is our notification app. If you don’t have it, you will need it. Download it today!! 1-We are on the western edge of a MARGINAL RISK but in a GENERAL RISK area for possibly severe weather later today. If storms do occur, quarter size hail or slightly larger are the threats per guidance. Overall, for our area, we’ll be ok but we’ll monitor conditions throughout the [...]


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0355L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/26/2020 1-SUNNY, WINDY, AND WARM today with highs around 90. Enjoy today as this MIGHT be the last of the 90s for awhile. A cold front will push in Sunday and we’ll have a chance for some severe weather in the afternoon into the evening hours. Winds will become strong out of the north too, so secure things around the house that could take flight. IF storms do occur, the [...]


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0340L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/25/2020 BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD OUR “GARFIELD COUNTY EM” APP. You’re not prepared without it. 1- Sunny, windy, and warm as a cold front approaches the area. We will be in a MARGINAL risk for severe weather Sunday afternoon into the evening hours. Chances are at 30% right now. Not a lot of moisture to work with but enough to cause some rainfall. Hopefully we’ll see some of it. 2- [...]


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0340L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/24/2020 1- FOG is possible once again this morning and it will give way to mostly clear skies later this morning into the afternoon. Overall, not bad and Friday through early next week should be warm and possibly windy as another cold front approaches the area by roughly mid-week, per guidance. 2-Timing for the front next week is difficult as models are not in agreement but once it pushes through [...]


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0330L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/23/2020 1- FOG is possible this morning and if it occurs, slow down and be careful. Clouds will begin clearing out today and we should have clear skies by this evening. After today, we should be mostly clear with highs in the 80s and lows in the low 60s for the rest of the week. 2- A cold front may enter the picture next week bringing our temps down a [...]


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0330L-TUESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/22/2020 1-GARFIELD COUNTY EM IS OUR NOTIFICATION APP. If you don’t have it, you will need it so get it downloaded, learn it and stay informed from your office of Emergency Management, the NWS, and the Health Department. 2- Our weather today appears to be influenced by the remnants of tropical storm BETA. There is a low chance for showers here and the cloud boundary may be over us of [...]


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0345L-MONDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/21/2020 GARFIELD COUNTY EM. This is our emergency app. If you don’t have it, you won’t be prepared. Download it today! 1-Slightly hazy conditions once again but with the outer bands of moisture from tropical storm Beta moving up along with easterly winds in the low levels, the air should clean up a little. 2- We aren’t expecting any rain but there is a LOW chance per guidance later tonight. [...]


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0350L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/20/2020 1-Be sure to download our GARFIELD COUNTY EM app. You’ll need it as the seasons change and it’s loaded with features and information. 2-Mild temps will continue with the haze. Not a lot to speak of right now other than enjoy the cool mornings and warm days. The southern part of the state may see some rainfall this week as the tropical storms in the gulf continue to develop. [...]


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0340L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 9/19/2020 DOWNLOAD OUR GARFIELD COUNTY EM APP. YOU'RE NOT PREPARED WITHOUT IT!! 1-Warm days and cool nights will continue through next week. Slight chance for rain in southern Oklahoma by mid-week but it appears we’ll remain dry. This will mean that the FIRE DANGER will continue to increase. 2- Here is your forecast from the NWS/NORMAN; Today-Partly cloudy. Haze. Highs in the lower 80s. Southeast winds around 10 mph. [...]


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0345L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/18/2020 1- Seasonal weather for at least the next week or so. Highs will be in the low 80s and overnight lows will be in the mid-50s. The Fire Danger will slowly be climbing so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any smoke or fire. You know what to do if you see any. 2- We will be hazy again today from the smoke due to the fires [...]


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0355L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/17/2020 1-Warm days, cool nights and no rain in the forecast for the foreseeable future. What will become very real will be the fire danger as we dry out. Please be careful out there and report any smoke or fire to 911. 2- Here is your forecast from the NWS/NORMAN; Thursday-Mostly sunny. Highs in the lower 80s. Northeast winds around 10 mph. Thursday Night-Clear. Lows in the lower 50s. Northeast [...]


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0315L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/16/2020 1- As you will see in the graphics below, our weather will remain warm and dry. Mild daytime temps, cool nights will be the norm for about the next week or so. Now, if you plan to travel, a cruise out into the Atlantic wouldn’t be advised. See satellite graphic. If you do plan on traveling, just check in with your nearest NWS WFO. 2- Our next chance for [...]


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TUESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/15/2020 1- We are in a period of mostly stable conditions. Rain chances for our area are very low and we can expect mild days and nights for the next several days. This said, we will continue to see smoke in the upper levels drifting across the area until winds aloft can increase or a pattern change can occur. With a hurricane to the southeast, fires to the west, high [...]


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0355L-MONDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/14/2020 1- Light winds and fair skies will be the standard for the day and possibly this week. There are a few boundaries that will come through the area but any actual impact to our weather will be low. Hopefully true sunshine will return soon as the smoke from out west will still be impacting the area to some extent. 2- Overall, no rough weather is expected this week and [...]


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0345L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/13/2020 1- The WSR-88D Weather Radar we call the Vance Radar will be down until at least Monday. 2- The Haze will continue as wildfires continue in California and mid and upper level flow continues to bring it over our region. 3- As stated yesterday, our highs this week will average between the upper 70s and mid-80s and lows will generally be in the mid-50s. A weak cold front will [...]


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0350L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/12/2020 1- DENSE FOG ADVISORY until 10 am this morning. Visibility could be down to ¼ mile at times. Drive with caution. 2- It appears we’ll see a warming trend for this next week with highs in the upper 70s to mid-80s. Our lows will average around the mid-50s or so. There is a chance we’ll see a strong cold front around next weekend so we’ll see how this plays [...]


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0345L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/11/2020 MOST FOLKS WILL “REMEMBER” THE DATE TODAY. 1-Chilly, wet, breezy, and you’ll still need a light jacket outside. We may see some breaks in the clouds later and if that occurs, we could see our high temps get back up to near 70. If not, temps in the 60s may prevail. Either way this system will be moving out later today into tonight. 2- For the most part, the [...]


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0355L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT- 9/10/2020 1- BRRR, IT’S CHILLY OUT THERE!! The first round of rain has passed and we’ll see a little bit of a lull in activity then another round of heavier activity could arrive later this afternoon. We’ll see where the storm track actually takes it. Otherwise, we’ll see light rain and drizzle a good part of the day. 2- Winds will remain out of the north, cloud cover may [...]


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0345L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/9/2020 The cold front arrived yesterday afternoon and some areas received some pretty good rainfall. Others not so much. Today we should see alot of activity from mist to heavy rainfall especially later today into tonight due to quite a bit of moisture streaming in through the region. Nothing severe is expected but we’ll keep an eye on that. Rainfall amounts will be sketchy so we’ll wait and see what [...]