April 2021


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0425L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/18/21 1- FREEZE WATCH IN EFFECT LATE TUESDAY NIGHT THROUGH WEDNESDAY MORNING. Overnight low temps could fall as low as 28 degrees. If you have new plants outdoors, you may want to cover them up. A FREEZE WATCH is also in effect Monday night for counties west of here. Like I have stated, keep a jacket and now maybe a coat in the truck. 2- The above is due to [...]


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0355L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/17/21 1- Cool and mostly cloudy today without the precipitation. As the cloud cover slowly erodes throughout the day, the airmass in place along with radiational cooling will allow temps to drop near freezing for tomorrow morning. Don’t be surprised if a freeze watch or warning is issued for us and or the northwest. A rain/snow mix is possible late Monday night into Tuesday morning as another front brings colder [...]


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0340L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/16/21 1- 90% chance for showers and thunderstorms during the day. It doesn’t appear we will have overwhelming amounts of rainfall but right now, we’ll take anything we can to get moisture in the ground. As stated earlier this week, we need around an inch or two for the wheat then we can warm up. The wheat looks good and most of the canola I have seen looks good too. [...]


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0400L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/15/21 1- RAIN is in the forecast later today and tonight. Hopefully, we see at least what is forecast for the area which is around ¼ of an inch. We definitely need a bit more but right now; we’ll take anything that we can get. Friday morning still looks promising so we’ll wait and see what mother nature throws at us. 2- Here is your forecast from the NWS/NORMAN; Thursday-Cloudy. [...]


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0350L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/14/21 1- The wheat around the area needs about 1-2 inches of a good soaking rain. We may get lucky come Thursday when another storm system moves across the area. I am not holding my breath but I am hoping that we do see the moisture. Our best chances, per guidance is Thursday afternoon through Friday. Temps will average in the 50s and 60s through early next week and winds [...]


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0400L-TUESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/13/21 1-Cool and mild with northeasterly winds will be the case for today and tomorrow. A very slight chance for any precipitation (rain) so enjoy the sun as it peaks out once in a while. We all know what happens after the cool weather goes away, it will get hot and muggy. Oh well, it’s better than 10 degrees with a wind chill of minus 5. 2- This cooler weather [...]


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0405L-MONDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/12/21 1- We will be mostly sunny and cooler today with gusty north winds. No rain today as it looks right now. Rain chances will return starting tomorrow through the week or so, these chances are low but better than nothing. 2- Fire weather concerns will be dominant but will be in the low category for the week. Hopefully, these rain chances allow for some precip here in the area. [...]


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0405L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/11/21 1- Warm and breezy with another front on the way. We’ll see temps in the upper 70s to low 80s today before another cold front pushes in late this afternoon and maybe into the early to mid- evening hours. Winds will increase as the front pushes in so expect that bump as winds shift and the front moves through. We may see wind gusts upwards of 30 mph. Other [...]


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0415L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT- 4/10/21 1- Cooler today and a lot LESS windy. You may see some controlled burning today but rest assured that we are aware of all that get called in.  Yesterday was interesting but overall, no big losses in property to talk about. Enjoy the cooler temps and winds should lay down and become southerly early this evening. 2- We did miss the storms yesterday so no wet ground to [...]


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0355L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/9/21 1-MARGINAL RISK for severe weather later today. The chance is low for us but it will be ENHANCED to our east. If you plan on traveling to the east or southeast, pay very close attention to weather outlooks and advisories. Tornadoes are expected in the eastern part of the state. See graphics. 2- Out west, there will be a WIND ADVISORY from noon until 8pm this evening. We are [...]


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0410L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/8/21 1- Warm and windy with some wind gusts upwards of 25-30 mph. Low humidity and dew point temps will cause an elevated Fire Weather situation later today. You all know the drill. See smoke and fire? Call 911. 2- Another front will push through on Friday bringing another chance for rain like we saw on early Tuesday morning. Maybe it will or won’t, we’ll see. Overall, we’ll be ok. [...]


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0315L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/7/21 1- A little noise overnight but minimal rainfall. Winds have shifted from the southwest to the northwest and storms are moving away. Per forecast guidance, there is a very low chance for some rain later this afternoon before the upper low moves out of the area. We’ll see what happens. 2- This front will take the majority of the moisture we have enjoyed with it so the fire danger [...]


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0355L-TUESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/6/21 1- We are in a Marginal Risk for severe weather later tonight. If storms occur, hail and winds will be the main risks. Timing will be overnight tonight. We have a storm system moving across the plains and as it passes, it will pull a cold front through the area. Today and tonight as this mess comes together, the winds may hit advisory levels with gusts into the 40mph [...]


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0330L-MONDAY OUTLOOK AND INFO FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MGMT-4/5/21 1- WARM, WINDY, AND DRY as a cold front and storm system move towards the area. This doesn’t mean that we’ll see rain but at least there is a low chance Tuesday evening along with a day of slightly cooler temps. Overall, we’ll be ok but the Fire Danger will be elevated. Keep an eye out for smoke and fire and report it accordingly. 2- Here is [...]

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0355L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/4/21 1- WARM, WINDY, AND DRY conditions will prevail once again as we face another day. We may feel some moisture in the air as strong south winds bring it slowly into the area. There is an outside chance for possibly some rain in the Tuesday/Wednesday timeframe but don’t hold your breath yet. 2- Fire danger is still around but with some added moisture in the air, it will take [...]


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0330L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/3/21 1-Warm and windy will be on the plate for today so get out and enjoy. Watch out for construction areas as dust & dirt will definitely be flying around. The Fire Danger is still around and will be for the foreseeable future so just be careful and if you see smoke and fire, call 911 immediately. 2- CONTROLLED BURNING is NOT a good idea right now. Winds can carry [...]


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0425L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/2/21 1- ELEVATED FIRE WEATHER conditions for Garfield County with a RED FLAG WARNING JUST TO OUR WEST. It wouldn’t surprise me if the warning isn’t extended to the east. If you plan on traveling, keep an eye out for any smoke or fire and call 911 accordingly. 2- Dry, windy, and warm will be the main show for the foreseeable future. No rain in sight yet. This said, here [...]


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0410L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-4/1/21 1- FREEZE WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 0300 UNTIL 0900 LOCAL TIME THIS MORNING. Temps have continued to drop this morning as colder air is moving in. Frost is a definite possibility and freezing temps are also a possibility. We’ll see how low we go! 2- Overall for today, the Fire Danger will be elevated so be extremely careful using anything related to fire. If you see smoke and or [...]

March 2021


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0400L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-3/31/21 1- FREEZE WATCH in effect from 0300 until 0900 Thursday morning. Sub-freezing temps as low as 30 degrees are possible in Alfalfa, Garfield, Grant, Kay, Kingfisher, & Major Counties. Overall, it will be chilly but we’ll be ok. It would be a good idea to protect young plants by covering them and disconnecting hoses that may have been reconnected. Be sure to download our GARFIELD COUNTY EM app. It [...]


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0410L-TUESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-3/30/21 1- A front will traverse the area this morning shifting winds from the south to the north-northeast. Some of that dirt that flew by yesterday may return to us sometime during the day. We shouldn’t see any precip with this front but the southeast part of the state may as it works its way southeast. We will see cooler temps and some gusty NE winds but nothing like yesterday, [...]