September 2021

SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

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0330L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/19/21 1-A few more days in the 90s and then cooler temps move in. Even if it’s only for a few days, it will be a nice break but we will warm back up into the 80s later in the week. 2- Thunderstorms are possible as the front pushes into the area but models are showing those to occur a little east of us. We’ll see what happens. Overall, enjoy [...]


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0410L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/18/21 1-Another warm day with light northeast winds is expected today as the weekend progresses. Sunday looks about the same except winds will shift from the south and we’ll be a bit warmer. Not much change over the weekend so get outside and enjoy. 2- We are expecting a COLD FRONT later in the afternoon on Monday that will bring our high temps down into the mid to upper 70s [...]


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0400L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/17/21 1- RAIN is possible later today and tonight in northwest ok. as a weak front pushes into that area. Chances are low but possible. For us, looks like dry conditions until roughly late Monday into Tuesday when a strong cold front moves into the area. Overall, we’ll be ok so we’ll see what happens later today and the first of the week for sure. 2- Here is your forecast [...]


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0320L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/16/21 1- No thunderstorm activity is expected through next Monday. An actual cold front is expected on Tuesday bringing with it colder air and a good chance for thunderstorms. We’ll see what happens on the thunderstorm part but cooler temps is something most folks have been waiting on. If highs in the upper 70s and low 80s, possibly lower, appeal to you then just get through the next 6 days [...]


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0340L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/15/21 1- Thunderstorms are ongoing in south central Kansas this morning but are NOT severe. They are dumping a lot of rainfall and moving SSE about 10-20 mph. Per NWS Wichita Guidance, these storms “should” diminish just after sunrise and the front will wash out in central Kansas later today. 2- Norman Guidance this morning appears to be about the same as Wichita’s but leaving in a slight chance for [...]


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0330L-TUESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/14/21 1- MARGINAL RISK FOR SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS LATER THIS EVENING. Forecast timing is from 8PM-2AM. This may LIKELY change depending on where the front ends up tonight. Wind and hail look to be the main threats if they occur. See graphic. 2- Just FYI, Hurricane Nicholas is NOT expected to affect our area with any additional rainfall if that forecast verifies. Click here for more details. 3- Overall, warm/hot [...]


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0415L-MONDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/13/21 NOTE-Changes are coming to this website and posts will be changing a little over our GARFIELD COUNTY EM app. These changes are being done since social media is restricting even our posts if they feel there is some political reference to something. More details will be forthcoming later this week. 1- HOT and WINDY with low HUMIDITY once again today. Fire Danger will be moderate so be careful using [...]


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0350L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/12/21 1-Not too much to say other than SUNNY, HOT, and WINDY with similar conditions as yesterday. We ask that controlled burning be put on hold due to the low humidity and winds. Rain chances, though low, come back into the picture Tuesday through Friday per guidance. We’ll see what happens. 2- That said, here is your forecast from the NWS/NORMAN; Today-Sunny. Highs in the upper 90s. South winds 10 [...]


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0320L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/11/21 1- Hot and dry with strong winds. The Fire Danger will be fairly high so we ASK that NO controlled burning be attempted today. Temps will be 100+ with relative humidity in the 20s along with the strong winds. This pretty much sums up the weather for the day. That said, here is your forecast from the NWS/NORMAN; Saturday-Sunny and hot with highs near 102. South winds 10-20 mph [...]


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0325L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/10/21 1-The FIRE DANGER is again slowly increasing and for today with our dew points temps in the mid-50s and humidity forecast to be in the mid-20s along with strong winds, and temps in the upper 90s, this might be an interesting weekend. If anyone sees smoke and fire, call 911 so the proper response can be sent. 2-SMOKE from the fires in the western US will continue in the [...]


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0340L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/9/21 1- Hot and dry over the next several days. This will enhance our Fire Weather concerns as humidity will be lower than normal. Winds will be nominal staying under 15 mph at least for today. Temperatures will average in the mid to upper 90s. This said, keep your eyes peeled for any smoke and fire and call 911 if you happen to see any out there. 2- Overall, we’ll [...]


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0330L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/8/21 1- No more thunderstorm chances for a while. Some areas around the county received some rainfall but the heavier amounts were out west along with some wind damage due to 70-80 mph winds in Major County. 2- Our next issues will be the fire danger. We have had a wetter than normal summer and foliage is abundant but very stressed meaning it’s dry. Overgrowth all around the REGION is [...]


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0345L-TUESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/7/21 1- We are in a MARGINAL RISK for severe weather later today as a cold front pushes into the area. IF storms do occur, quarter size hail and damaging winds upwards of 70 mph will be the main threats. It’s impossible to say where these will form but stay very weather aware later this afternoon into the evening hours. The front is expected sometime around the 4 to 6 [...]


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0320L-MONDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/6/21 THERE WILL BE “NO” STORM SIREN TEST TODAY. 1- GARFIELD COUNTY EM. This is our notification and information app. We are directly connected to the National Weather Service and you get notifications from us on any major event. With fall storm season approaching and with winter possibilities on the way in a few months, it’s not a bad idea to have our app. You never know, it just could [...]


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0340L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/5/21 1- Short and sweet for Sunday. Warm and mild with light winds. Humidity will drop as the day progresses so it will be less muggy. Cooler temps will be rather nice so enjoy it today as the heat is back on as the week progresses. Overall, we’ll be ok. 2- Here is your forecast from the NWS/NORMAN; Sunday-Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 80s. Northeast winds around 10 mph. [...]


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0340L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/4/21 1- MARGINAL RISK for severe weather today. The front is just north of us at 0320L and creeping very slowly to the south, This will keep us in that area of concern through the day. If storms do occur, 60 mph winds and quarter size hail are possible. If storms pulse up and down as they did yesterday, higher winds are possible. Kremlin sustained damage when either a downburst [...]


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0340L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/3/21 GARFIELD COUNTY EM is our public safety app. Download it today and stay safe. 1- Several “IF’s” later today, tonight, and tomorrow. We are in a GENERAL thunderstorm area but very close to the MARGINAL line too. That said, thunderstorms could form in the area during the afternoon giving us that risk for a severe storm or two. Our chances are a little better as a cold front continues [...]


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0315L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/2/21 1-Another hot & humid day but this time with wind. Heat index temps will be in the low 100s and wind gusts are forecast to be around 25 mph. At least we’ll have a cooling factor in the wind. 2- Rain chances increase tonight after midnight through Friday and Saturday and possibly into Sunday. Chances are less than 50% but right now but we’ll take it. We are very [...]


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0320L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-9/1/21 1-HEAT ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM NOON TO 7 PM CDT WEDNESDAY. Heat index values up to 107 expected over portions of central, east central, northern, southeast, and southern Oklahoma. High temperatures and high humidity may cause heat illnesses to occur. 2- Speaking of heat illnesses: it is extremely IMPORTANT that you hydrate BEFORE going into a heat environment. There has been many heat related incidents that have occurred that [...]

August 2021


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0420L-TUESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-8/31/21 1- HEAT, HUMIDITY, & the HEAT INDEX will be the main issues this week. Use EXTREME CAUTION while doing anything related to fire. Also, we have had several fires around the county lately. Be careful doing any controlled burning as fire can create its own weather environment. 2- For the most part, rain should hold off for us until later this week. We’ll see how that comes about as [...]

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