December 2023


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0315L-MONDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-12/4/23 NO storm siren test today. *A NICE WEEK ON TAP AS WE’LL SEE TEMPS IN THE MID 50S TO POSSIBLY MID 60S BY Friday. There will be a front or two coming through the area but it shouldn’t affect temps very much. It will affect the winds. By Wednesday into Thursday we could see wind gusts upwards of 35-40 mph but overall, a nice warm week. *Since precipitation will [...]


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0300L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-12/3/23 *Warmer weather is in store for today and we SHOULD see sunshine. Yesterday was a disappointment and basically cold and dreary. We will experience a windshift, Cold front, with southwesterly winds becoming NNW 5-15 mph with some gusts upwards of 20-25 mph later this morning or early this afternoon *With the lighting of the ONE TREE this evening, I would advise everyone to have a coat available. Radiational cooling [...]


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0245L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-12/2/23 *Areas of patchy freezing fog are possible from now until 0900 Local time. If this occurs, visibility could come down to ¼ of a mile and since we are below freezing right now, there could be patchy freezing fog. If driving, use extreme caution. *Temps will be on the upswing today through the next 7 days and we’ll see temps reach upwards of the mid 60s by next Thursday. [...]

DECEMBER 1, 2023

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0315L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-12/1/23 *Clearing will be a bit slow today as this system moves out of the state. We received about 1.2 inches of rainfall yesterday so that helps some concerning the drought. Some areas of the county are showing no drought in the SW and abnormally dry in the NE. *We will remain cool over the weekend with highs in the 40s and 50s then we may even see 60s by [...]

November 2023


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0305L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/30/23 *Rain is possible in our area as a trough moves through during the day. There could be a dusting of snow overnight if we can get cold enough and precip remains over the area. Timing is the question on that right now. Severe weather, per guidance looks to be possible in southern Oklahoma so if traveling that way, stay up with the latest from the NWS. *Whatever happens for [...]


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0255L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/29/23 *Enjoy today as it will be very nice compared to the next 2 days. We will be in the 50s for highs today and lower 40s tonight. On Thursday with the passing of another cold front, we’ll have colder air move in and a chance for rainfall along with a very “slim chance” for a dusting of snow overnight into early Friday morning if we get cold enough. No [...]


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0330L-TUESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/28/23 *No major impacts to the area until “possibly” late Wednesday evening into Thursday when a shortwave trough moves through the area. Moisture return should be good enough for rain in the southern and eastern halves of the state but up here those chances fall quite a bit since instability is weak. We could see a dusting of snow overnight Wednesday when temps fall but rain is possible during the [...]


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0305L-MONDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/27/23 No voice siren test today in Enid. *A fairly nice week setting up from a very cold start this morning. Highs in the mid to upper 40s today and into the 50s through Thursday look pretty good. Another cold front will push in Thursday giving us a chance for rain. We’ll see what happens but until then, enjoy the sunshine when possible. *Road conditions are slick in spots, so [...]


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0335L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/26/23 *It snowed! Per my measurements, we received 1.75 inches of snow. There may have been more but melting early on was a factor. Either way, we received additional precip and that is always a pretty good thing. It will be cold today with highs around the 35-40 degree mark but winds will come up for a while and then subside later this afternoon. By the way, we should see [...]


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0315L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/25/23 *TODAY is transition day. Rain is expected in the area from later this morning through this evening when colder air filters in and we transition to possibly some freezing rain and then to snow overnight. Accumulations could reach 1/10th of an inch of ice and maybe an inch or two of snow. There are still a few variables out there so just pay close attention to temps, wind, and [...]


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0315L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/24/23 *I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day! We’ve had another cold front push through and temps will be about 15-20 degrees cooler today and it will be windy. No precipitation is expected today. *The bottom falls out on Saturday as previously stated in past posts. Snow is expected in NW Oklahoma and we might see a mix of snow and freezing rain. Impacts here would be on bridges [...]


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0255L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/23/23 *HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! We’ll have a nice day to celebrate and then the bottom starts to drop out. A cold front will traverse the region this afternoon lowering temps for tomorrow into the 40s. Another front with much colder air will move in SATURDAY bringing a chance for some snow. It may start out as rain then transition over to snow. We’ll see how this verifies. See the graphics [...]


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0335L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/22/23 *Enjoy the next several days before the colder air arrives. We’ll have a front push in on Thursday evening and another stronger front on Saturday evening. Depending on moisture, we could see some snow flurries overnight Saturday night into Sunday morning. The main issues could be ice that forms on the roads overnight as light rain transitions to light snow and the wind chill. We expect overnight wind chill [...]


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0315L-TUESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/21/23 *It’s going to get cooler then colder as we move through the week. I received several calls yesterday about whether we would get a lot of winter precip this weekend and here is that answer: as of now, NO. Many variables have to come together before winter precip occurs and if it does, it would most likely be light and during the overnight hours. The systems that will be [...]


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0325L-MONDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/20/23 There will NOT be a voice siren test today in Enid. *Another rainy day as this storm system slowly moves through the area. Expect cloudy conditions and rain at times, similar to yesterday along with gusty winds. The cool front should push into the area by roughly 6 am. *Overall, we’ll be ok so here is your forecast from the NWS/NORMAN; Today- A slight chance of thunderstorms this morning. [...]


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0320L-SUNDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/19/23 *We are in a MARGINAL Risk area for strong to severe weather later today and tonight. If storms occur, quarter size hail and winds to 60 are possible. Storms should mainly occur later today and tonight but there could be a few during the earlier daytime hours too. *Several fronts will come through this week beginning Monday morning. Winds will become northerly and be quite gusty. They will shift [...]


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0310L-SATURDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/18/23 *High temps in the mid-60s will prevail as we move through today and then we’ll see a gradual drop in temps for Sunday through the rest of the week. There is a Marginal Risk for thunderstorms Sunday morning through the day into Monday but chances are nominal right now. Rain chances will be around for several days this up and coming week. We’ll see what happens. *Winds will be [...]

NOVEMBER 17, 2023

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0315L-FRIDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/17/23 *The cold front has entered the area shifting the winds from the south to the north. No rain is expected today with this front here but we will experience lower temps and gusty winds. Skies should generally remain clear for the most part so we’ll have a nice day, just with gusty winds. * Winds should shift back from the south Saturday morning and become fairly strong through Sunday [...]


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0300L-THURSDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/16/23 *Windy conditions will occur this afternoon as a cool front moves our way. It appears that the front won’t push into the area until early Friday morning. This front will bring us back down to seasonal temps. Winds will increase around mid-morning and we could see gusts upwards of 30 mph or so. The front, as stated, will move in early Friday morning switching winds to northerly with some [...]


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0335L-WEDNESDAY OUTLOOK FROM GARFIELD COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT-11/15/23 *Another nice day today, the winds increase Thursday, and then a front pushes in late Thursday night or early Friday morning. Winds will shift, becoming northerly and quite gusty. Monday will bring in a few other changes but I’ll wait to talk about those as the forecast verifies. *Other than the above, enjoy one last day of warm temps and then the cool down occurs. Overall, we’ll be ok [...]

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