Today’s post has some humor in it. Hope you see it!

1- NO advisories as of this typing but it will be hot again today with highs in the upper 90s and the heat index around 102. Winds will average around 10 mph. There is also a 40% chance for thunderstorms late this afternoon into the evening/overnight hours. Lows around 70 with light and variable winds around 10 mph.  This pretty much takes care of what’s expected today and tonight.

2- IT HAS STARTED: Folks starting fires with fireworks. We have asked that you stay off of county and lease roads and it’s also illegal but apparently that message hasn’t reached everyone. Hillsdale-Carrier & Kremlin Fire personnel will be out in the Northwest & North Central areas of the county looking for you. We’ll also have a Sheriff’s deputy in the vicinity. We don’t want you to be in trouble but committing an illegal act by starting a fire that could affect someone’s livelihood or home and running away without at least calling 911 to me is wrong. The ONLY THING we have going for us is that the winds are going to be light. It’s extremely dry so be careful while committing your illegal acts out there.

3- Finally, the forecast is covered in #1 above so be careful out there and if you do start a fire, don’t try to stomp it out with only flip-flops on your feet. Call 911 and we’ll do it without injury to you. One last thing, fireworks left behind could have your fingerprints on them. Be sure and pick up your burned up fireworks.