1- NO THREAT for rain today. We should see plenty of sunshine and winds will be light. Highs will be in the upper 60s to low 70s. Overall, a nice day and since you only need to be out for essential items for the house or business, grab a lawn chair and enjoy the weather.

2-Here is your forecast from the NWS/NORMAN;

Sunday- Sunny with a high near 68. West wind around 10 mph.

Sunday Night-Mostly clear with a low around 45. Southeast winds around 10 mph.

DIRECTORS COMMENT: Be sure and download our GARFIELD COUNTY EM app.

I have seen many folks stating we are on LOCK DOWN now. If folks don’t follow the basic rules, that could happen. We are under a STAY AT HOME ORDER. This means stay at home unless you have essential business by going to the grocery store, to get gas, going to work or other basic items.  It’s that simple. Police won’t bother you unless you are drag racing on a city street and they catch you. Then there may be a repercussion or two.

We haven’t had an official case posted as of this typing but it wouldn’t surprise if we don’t start seeing active cases here in the Garfield County area this coming week. If and when that occurs, don’t panic again, just follow the stated rules and hopefully we can get through this mess.

On my end of the spectrum, we have planned for Pandemics. We exercised for Pandemics, but never had one until now. What we exercised for and what’s happening now has brought many questions to bear and we’ll use this incident to get better at this if any future pandemic occurs. UNDERSTAND this, we are doing the best we can do deal with and make the best decisions possible to protect our jurisdictions. Is information flow real good? Not really because of all the rumors and misinformation out there especially on social media and no one knows who to believe. BELIEVE THIS, WATCH FOR INFO FROM THE CDC, STATE AND LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTS, CITY OF ENID, EGCEM, AND OF COURSE OUR LOCAL RADIO STATIONS, NEWSPAPER AND ENID BUZZ.