1- We are in a NO RISK area for severe weather today. WOW, I haven’t said that for a while!

Don’t worry though; we’ll be back in the General risk on Friday. And then the atmospheric pattern sets up for overnight thunderstorms coming through from the high plains of Colorado and then, per guidance, we may set back up for more of what we have experienced, only weaker. We’ll see what that means as time goes on. For now, enjoy today and we will, as always, continue to keep that eye out there.

2- As roads dry out around the county, continue to be careful and don’t drive around barricades especially if there are bridges involved. Some approaches are NOT SAFE to drive on yet as they were washed out to a degree that your safety is at risk. For those that go mudding on county roads, don’t. You don’t realize what goes into repairing roads.

3- I have asked folks to report ANY damage to us that you have experienced. I do know that there are basements filling with water because our water table is up. If you don’t want to report your damage to me, report it to the state at damage.ok.gov and they’ll share the info with me.

4- Here is your forecast from the NWS/NORMAN;

Today-Sunny. Highs around 80. Northwest winds around 10 mph.

Tonight-Clear. Lows in the upper 50s. Light and variable winds.