1- When the humidity and dew point temps drop, it gets hotter. Today we may see the 100s and the same for Thursday and Friday. Stay aware of your well being and the well being of other workers out there. Stay hydrated and pace yourselves. Remember that water and electrolyte replacement products is what you should be drinking out there. Use extreme caution. There won’t be much wind to cool yourself off so just be careful out there.

2- Weather-wise, just hot and dry out there. The FIRE DANGER due to the heat and harvest is slowly climbing. If you see smoke or fire, call 911 immediately so a response can be sent.

3- Here is your forecast from the NWS/NORMAN;

Today-Sunny. Highs around 100. South winds around 10 mph.

Tonight-Clear. Lows in the lower 70s. South winds around 10 mph.

4- It is illegal to fire fireworks off of any county road. Don’t let those that sell fireworks tell you differently. See below:

FIREWORKS- TITLE 68, Article 16-Fireworks, Section 1627- It shall be unlawful to explode or ignite fireworks within five hundred feet of any church, hospital, asylum, unharvested, flammable agricultural crop, public school or where fireworks are stored, sold, or offered for sale. No person shall ignite or discharge any permissible articles of fireworks within or throw the same from a motor vehicle; nor shall any person place or throw any ignited article of fireworks into or at such vehicle or at or near any group of people.

Law enforcement will be out before, during, and after the 4th of July and tickets may be written. Harvest may not be completed by the 4th and if someone burns up a wheat field, you most likely will be prosecuted when caught. Please get permission to fire them LEGALLY from landowners so we keep accidents to a minimum.