NOTE, I will be posting occasionally on social media. If we are forecast to have severe weather, I will definitely post on the Emergency Management page. That shortcut is @EGCEM yes, all caps. Since big tech is choking free speech, we may be here or not. With their attitude, weather info may even be banned. Who knows? Download our GARFIELD COUNTY EM app and you can always see my posts under GCEM BLOG on the app. They can’t choke that one at least right now.

1-Our GARFIELD COUNTY EM app will be updating soon and features will work more efficiently. This is important because your need for information is very important and we want to deliver it to you as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that the internet has to be working properly and with that statement we are looking for local interfaces to help with this process. It’s not that the national system doesn’t work well but as long as the local net does, we are better off. Will keep you up to date on this one.

2- We have a chance for rain this weekend as we are a little dry. We’ll see what happens on that one. Until then, be careful and be sure to call 911 in the event you see smoke or fire.

3- Here is the forecast from the NWS/NORMAN;

Today-Mostly sunny. Highs around 50. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph.

Tonight-Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 20s. East winds around 10 mph.